About Us

IBC is a platform that fundamentally changes the way importers access Buyers Credit. By enabling importers to post their requirements online, it enables direct dealing between seekers and providers of Buyers Credit in a transparent and simplified manner. IBC is the world's first online platform that has created an open, free and transparent market place for bankers (foreign branches of domestic banks and foreign banks) to interact and do business with importers.

IBC is brought to you by professionals who have spent a decade plus offering risk capital and debt syndication based funding to corporate entities. We use our in depth knowledge of the market to fundamentally simplify complex processes and introduce simplicity and economy in transactions.

Traditional means of sourcing buyer's credit involves paying brokerage for every transaction you enter into. This not only increases the cost of funding, it also hampers your competitive ability. By offering yearly subscriptions, IBC enables you to transact any number of times without having to pay per transaction.

IBC disinter mediates and enables the forging and sustenance of one on one, long term relationships between importers and bankers, by removing layers of access between the two. Such relationships are a business asset and help both seekers and providers of funding, to better analyze risk, and do repeat business.