IBC Benefits to Seekers of Buyers Credit

Direct access to providers of BC without any intermediaries

Better, faster, and more transparent price discovery

Complete Transparency in the transaction

Lower cost as per transaction cost is eliminated

Simple to use platform with complete service post deal closure

One stop shop for any information related to BC – trends, market expectations, etc.

Ability to directly negotiate rates with Bankers

Ability to get quotes when on the move on mobile via mail and SMS

Access to analytical reports

24X7 service by the portal

Open market with transparent procedures and organised structure

Increased efficiency of business

Comparison between offline and IBC platform based transactions for importers
  • Transacting offline through consultants
  • No direct access, and need to approach multiple bankers individually through agents, thus prolonging the process and adding layers to the transaction
  • Complete lack of transparency as both participating parties ( importers and bankers) communicate only through the agent
  • Borrowers in the traditional setup are completely reliant on consultants and agents to get the best price
  • No such detailed information is accessible
  • Life cycle service is absent when dealing with consultants
  • Limited choices available
  • Expensive as compared to the online model
  • Such value added services are seldom if ever offered by consultants
  • Unstructured processes often lead to delays in funding. Additionally the process is hardly systemic or process driven.
  • A lot of time is spent in the off line mode in calling up and conversing with consultants/
  • Malpractices exist in the off line mode of transacting Buyers Credit
  • Transacting on IBC
  • Direct access to banking fraternity through a single online form
  • Open and transparent dealings
  • Direct dialogue between lenders and borrowers facilitate free negotiation for better rates
  • IBC facilitates access to detailed information to the product and related services to bankers
  • Complete lifecycle service provided by IBC from raising enquiry to making repayments
  • Options to choose the best banker as per convenience of the importers
  • Reasonable fees charged for the level of service provided
  • Value added services offered by the platform include market information, trend analysis etc.
  • Enhanced efficiency and smooth fund flow as the transaction follows a structured and systemic process.
  • Saving in time and effort as interested lenders approach and quote directly
  • Complete transparency eliminates any possibility of malpractices