IBC Benefits to Provider of Buyers Credit

Improved access to seekers of Buyers Credit

Enhanced access to market information

Complete transparency of transaction

Access to Analytical reports on your transactions and market trends

Simple system to use

Accelerated deal making capabilities

Increased efficiency of business

Ability to quote as per your convenience

Ability to know what other lenders are quoting

Eliminates the need to negotiate with middlemen for negotiating the best rate

Elimination of malpractices

Ethical marketplace

Ability to increase your lending as required

Comparison between offline and IBC platform based transactions for Bankers
  • Transacting in the offline mode via consultants
  • Dealing through consultants limits the lender to a micro view, without being able to see the big picture
  • In the offline mode, lenders are forced to deal with middlemen
  • Opaqueness of competitive quote details in the offline mode
  • Opaqueness about market data may result in lenders undercutting their own offer rate
  • In the offline mode, lenders will need to speak to and service multiple consultants who approach the banker for the same transaction
  • Unorganised, personality led way of transacting that is not process driven
  • Bankers will need to do it personally
  • No such information is available when dealing with consultants
  • Malpractices continue to exist in the offline mode
  • Transacting on IBC
  • IBC enables a macro view of the market, its trends and demand patterns
  • Direct access to importers possible
  • Lenders can benefit from knowledge of prices being offered by other bankers who quote for the same importers requirement
  • Eliminates the chances of undercutting one's own rate to clinch the deal
  • Eliminates the time and effort cost involved in speaking to different consultants mandated to quote for the same enquiry
  • Increased efficiency in the transaction as it is process driven
  • Bankers can track repayments to them online on the portal
  • Bankers get access to a lot of value added services as importers information is available online
  • Transparent and open market dealings eliminates malpractices