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Your Identity is Safe

Published On : 28 April 16

The Buyer’s credit market has been in a state of an organised chaos for a long period of time. We believe this happened due to the lack of a credible organised alternative. India Buyer’s Credit is a platform that will fundamentally change the way Importing Companies access Buyer’s Credit. By providing importers a platform to post their requirements online, we are enabling direct dealing between seekers and providers of Buyers Credit in a transparent and simplified manner.

Simply put India Buyer’s Credit is an online portal where importers with credit requirement meets the banker with funds.The system is built by a group of seasoned forex traders, who understand the pain points of the market and have devised a solution for it.

At IBC we understand that you are sharing a very sensitive information with us. And we have taken utmost efforts to safeguard it.


Importer’s Identity Protected

• Bankers are able to view your requirement and quote for it, without the name and contact details of the concerned employee

• Your quote details are only viewed by the bankers and nobody else

• No other importer can view your account and its activities

• Importers can select the Bank they specifically want to deal with, no other banker will be able to view that particular importer's enquiry


Banker’s Identity Protected

• Bankers quotes are received by importer on anonymous bases

• The banker’s details like Bank Name and Branch are only visible to the importer after he/she confirms the deal

• Bankers will be able to see only the lowest quote received by the enquiry

Though the bankers can see the lowest quote received for that transaction,they won’t be able to see name of the bank who quote for it


In conclusion we would like assure you that your experience with IBC is going to be a pleasant one. Incase you have suggestion or a feedback we would love to hear them from you. You can contact us on admin@indiabuyerscredit.com or call us on +91 22 6656 8888



Author : Nitasha Rana, Published on 28 April 2016

Nitasha Rana is a part of India Buyer's Credit Product Development Team